Term Seal Creo-Fen Ten

Paint or dip coat your timber posts, poles or structures

Creo-Fen Ten is a hard weathering 2-in-1 water and termite proofing compound for use on timbers, posts, poles and wooden structures that’s DIY and Eco-friendly. The product is a unique, aqueous bitumen and acrylic polymer based formulation containing 1g/L Bifenthrin as the active constituent. When cured and unbroken it forms a flexible, subterranean termite proof and waterproof coating. This product can be applied by brush or roller.

Creo-Fen Ten is shipped in the following forms:

  • 4 litre pail for easy access to individual posts
  • 10 litre bucket for bulk pre-treatment before erecting
  • 200 litre barrel for those larger jobs. Net weight is approx. 250 kg – barrel delivery must be quoted on request

For sales or more information about Trem Seal Crea-Fen Ten Termite and Waterproofing Barrier Contact the Team at CAMERONS HHARDWARE BATEMANS BAY AND MORUYA

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